An extraordinary journey where the worlds of Team Vitality and Tezos blockchain converge seamlessly in the V-Hive app.






Product Launch

Creative Concept

The V.Hive app was designed to bring together fans of Team Vitality. Upon connecting, users are assigned a 3D avatar that is half-human, half-bee, which they can then customize with digital wearables earned through quests.

These quests aim to support Team Vitality, whether it be at events or on social media. This engagement allows users to climb the V.Hive ranking. Rewards include limited edition products, discounts, access to events, and unique experiences with Team Vitality players.

Physicial & digital

Since announcing their partnership in January 2022, Team Vitality and Tezos have placed the education of fans at the heart of their strategy, using Tezos blockchain to engage them in the Web3 world.