Spacefox Collision

Where lunar and Martian meteorites meet artistry. A seamless blend of space remnants and sleek design, crafting a unique narrative in the realm of jewelry.






Product Launch

Creative Concept

Spacefox is a company that designs space-themed clothing. For her Collision collection, they called us to create a trailer.

In this project, we jumped on an amazing journey, transforming raw meteorite material into outstanding bracelets. We brought the raw essence of the universe to the refined state of wearable art. Each meteorite, after traveling millions of kilometers through space, found its ultimate purpose within these bracelets, merging cosmic history with contemporary design.

Physicial & digital

Each of the bracelets is linked to an NFT on the Elrond blockchain which guarantees its authenticity. The meteorites contained in the Collision bracelets have been certified by Luc Labenne. When they come into his possession, the meteorite stones are analyzed in order to define their chemical composition, their origin and their nature.

We were therefore able to support the Spacefox teams through the production of these NFTs up to the visual elements present on the product presentation page.