SERIE X Launch

Part of the Power Your Dreams visual campaign for the new Xbox Series X, a symbolic backdrop inspired by the original Xbox launch video, reflecting the journey of the new console.




215 McCann




Introducing the latest Xbox console, a monumental event in gaming history. With the birth of Series X, Xbox entered a new era of unparalleled power. This global campaign, Power Your Dreams, crafted in collaboration with Xbox, brings this idea to life, fueling gaming fantasies with mesmerizing visuals and dreamlike designs. Welcome to a world where dreams are powered by innovation.


For the launch day of the Xbox Series X | S we partnered with Xbox again to create a custom, commemorative art piece for the takeover of Xbox’s social channels and released a toolkit as a gift for fans filled with wallpapers, profile pictures, and streaming overlays.

Alternative version 1
Alternative version 2
Alternative version 3


This backdrop captures the essence of the new Xbox console’s journey. It draws inspiration from the original launch video, creating a visual symmetry that marks both the announcement and the arrival of the console. The design incorporates celestial elements, emphasizing the infinite possibilities offered by the new console generation. The consoles appear to float on water, symbolizing their arrival and connecting to the campaign’s overarching theme of dreams. This artistic representation effectively bookends the entire Xbox campaign, highlighting the profound impact of the new console release.